Thursday, December 15, 2005


Mayor Frank happens to live in SD 35 and have been living in electoral hell with one special election after another due to the appointment of Chris Cox to the SEC, the subsequent CD race to replace him, Arnold's Special Election, and now the SD race to replace John Campbell. So, with that being said, I bring you the latest chapter in my saga...


I, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, Governor of the State of California, do hereby proclaim and order that a special election shall be held on the 6th day of June, 2006 within the 50th Congressional District of the State to fill the vacancy in the office of Member of Congress from said district arising from the resignation of office by Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

I also hereby proclaim and order that a special election shall be held on the 6th day of June, 2006 within the 35th Senate District of the State to fill the vacancy in the office of California State Senator from said district arising from the resignation of office by John Campbell.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have here unto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of California to be affixed this the fifteenth day of December 2005.

/s/ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor of California

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Let Arnold Do His Thing

Rusty Hammer, writing in the Business Perspective on the LA Chamber of Commerce's website makes an excellent case why the business community should support Governor Schwarzenegger's choice of Lesbian Democrat Susan Kennedy as his new Chief of Staff. Hammer notes her past experience on the California Public Utilities Commission and her ability to help the Governor bridge partisan waters in Sacramento as being ultimately good for business. We agree. Still, the blue-hair, gay chasing, caveman sect of Republicans is up in arms over the appointment and seemingly unwilling to support the Governor's move. The California Republican Assembly (CRA), better known as the Taliban wing of the GOP in the Golden State, has gone to the extreme to call on the state party to reconsider its endorsement of Arnold in the 2006 GOP Primary. Please.

Arnold's the best thing to happen to our party in years. Do they want to blow it now? Sure lets yet again put up another Bill Jones-Bill Simon whatever and hand the Governor's seat to Phil Angelides. And while you're at it, lets give Cruz Bustamante a blank check at the buffet. Cause that's what will happen without Arnold. The Republican's only chance to succeed in California is to go back to the party's roots of smaller government, less taxes, personal freedom & responsibility and a strong national defense. Can we forgot about the gay marriage and stem cell crap?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Eugene McCarthy, 89

WASHINGTON (AP) - Former Minnesota Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, whose insurgent campaign toppled a sitting president in 1968 and forced the Democratic Party to take seriously his message against the Vietnam War, died Saturday. He was 89.

McCarthy died in his sleep at assisted living home in the Georgetown neighborhood where he had lived for the past few years, said his son, Michael.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Minuteman Loss Or Victory?

by Walter Moore

Minuteman Jim Gilchrist will not be rushing to catch a plane to Washington, D.C., today, to start serving as Orange County's newest Congressman. You can, however, nonetheless conclude that Gilchrist won a huge victory -- even if you don't smoke crack.

Gilchrist scored a victory by moving us much closer to the day when a majority of voters have the guts to vote for the best candidate, rather than settling for the proverbial "lesser of two evils." Unfortunately, voters consistently outsmart themselves by voting for candidates they hate. They vote for the less horrible of the two "front-runners," thereby reinforcing the self-fulfilling prophesy that an independent can't possibly win. This vicious cycle encourages the two main political parties to take their members for granted, and discourages anyone but party hacks from running for office. Thanks to Jim Gilchrist, however, we may actually live to see the day where a majority of people in a California election are "stupid" enough to "throw away" their votes by voting for the best candidate.

Consider the numbers. Gilchrist got 25% of the vote (i.e., 23,237 votes), even though his American Independent party constitutes just 2% of the registered voters in his district. So where did he get the rest? Assuming that voter turn-out was essentially the same regardless of party affiliation, the answer is as follows:

Republicans provided 5.3% of Gilchrist's 25%: the Republican candidate got just 44.7% of the vote, even though the party constitutes 50% of the registered voters. In other words, over 10% of the Republicans voting were willing to cross party lines to vote for the candidate they deemed best. Independents provided the remaining 17.7% of Gilchrist's 25%; they constitute 19.1% of the district's registered voters. Democrats, however, did Gilchrist no favors: they constitute 27.1% of the registered voters, and their candidate got 27.96% of the vote -- not much more than Gilchrist.

So what should you make of the numbers?

Well, if you're pessimistic, you can say they prove that only candidates from the two major parties can win. But when is the last time you heard of a third-party candidate getting 25% of the vote in a California election? That's huge. That 25% may encourage, say, another 10% in the next election to vote for the best candidate, rather than the lesser of two evils. Think "snowball effect:" 25% turns into 35% , which emboldens another 10%, and, after a few elections, you could get over 50% of the people actually voting for the best candidate, regardless of party affiliation. You never know till you try. And there will be plenty of opportunities, because there's an election in California every 73 days or so.

The Minuteman did his part. He fought the battle hard, captured some serious political real estate, and survived to fight again. The American Revolution wasn't won in a single battle. And the odds were overwhelmingly against us. Plus, we didn't have snazzy uniforms like the Brits. But we won anyway. Let's remember that when the next election rolls around, and the one after that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's A Christmas Tree

Speaker of the House Denny Hastert is standing firm and urging that the Christmas tree in front of the US Capitol be called, well, a Christmas tree.

That's what it is right?

"I strongly urge that we return to this tradition and join the White House, countless other public institutions and millions of American families in celebrating the holiday season with a Christmas tree," said Hastert.

In the last few years, bureaucrats at the Capitol building started calling the tree a "holiday tree." What the hell is a holiday tree? What holiday?

Its like calling a menorah a "seasonal candleabra. " Very silly.

Go Denny Hastert!


Full Disclosure unleashes it's newest video entitled "BOB WOODWARD DEFENDS HIS SOURCES: VIDEO DEBATE." In the new video blog featuring Bob Woodward and Ed Meese, the two debate the use of unnamed sources.

Enjoy the video!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ben Franklin & The True Story of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has not always been a but-gusting, stuffing eating soiree of football and food. In the early days, our forefathers sought to appease God and highlight the suffering of early colonial life by fasting and being miserable.

Ben Franklin comes along years later and tells the story of how one farmer stood out from among the orthdoxy of the day and suggested we celebrate the blessings and bounty we have through a joyous feast.

Mrs. Cubbison, the Butterball folks and the planners of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade remain forever grateful.

The Real Story of the First Thanksgiving
By Benjamin Franklin (1785)

“There is a tradition that in the planting of New England, the first settlers met with many difficulties and hardships, as is generally the case when a civiliz’d people attempt to establish themselves in a wilderness country. Being so piously dispos’d, they sought relief from heaven by laying their wants and distresses before the Lord in frequent set days of fasting and prayer. Constant meditation and discourse on these subjects kept their minds gloomy and discontented, and like the children of Israel there were many dispos’d to return to the Egypt which persecution had induc’d them to abandon.

“At length, when it was proposed in the Assembly to proclaim another fast, a farmer of plain sense rose and remark’d that the inconveniences they suffer’d, and concerning which they had so often weary’d heaven with their complaints, were not so great as they might have expected, and were diminishing every day as the colony strengthen’d; that the earth began to reward their labour and furnish liberally for their subsistence; that their seas and rivers were full of fish, the air sweet, the climate healthy, and above all, they were in the full enjoyment of liberty, civil and religious.

“He therefore thought that reflecting and conversing on these subjects would be more comfortable and lead more to make them contented with their situation; and that it would be more becoming the gratitude they ow’d to the divine being, if instead of a fast they should proclaim a thanksgiving. His advice was taken, and from that day to this, they have in every year observ’d circumstances of public felicity sufficient to furnish employment for a Thanksgiving Day, which is therefore constantly ordered and religiously observed.”

Ben Franklin wanted the turkey, not the bald eagle to be our national symbol. Read why in Ben's own words at MS2.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Races Called, Arnold's Measures Mostly Failing

Arnold Schwarzenegger's redistricting measure, Proposition 77 appears to be losing with 43% of the vote in, going down 57% to 43%.

Another measure supported by the Governor, Proposition 76 which sought to reduce the rate of state spending is also likely to be defeated, 60% to 40%.

Two other Schwarzenegger measures, Prop 74 which extends the probationary period for public school teachers and Prop 75 which would restrict the use of union member dues for political activities are currently too close to call.

In other measures on the ballot not directly tied to Schwarzenegger's reform measures - competing prescription drug plans 78 and 79 are also going down to defeat, and we've already called Proposition 80 - a measure dealing with electric service providers - as losing.

A measure to restrict abortion by minors without parental consent, Proposition 73, is also too close to call.

Bloomberg Re-Elected

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Republican New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was re-elected to a second term by a large margin on Tuesday after what is believed to be the most costly race in the city's history.

With some 95 percent of the votes counted, Bloomberg had 58 percent and Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer trailed with 39 percent, according to unofficial election results.

Polls have shown New Yorkers giving Bloomberg, a political novice when he first ran four years ago, high marks for leading the city in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, steering the economy and keeping New York alert to security threats.

Proposition 80 Fails

Here at Sam Yorty's America, we're calling Proposition 80 as having failed to pass. With 27% of the vote in statewide, its currently losing 65% to 35%.

The measure would, among other things, restrict consumers' ability to switch power providers. Prop 80 was supported by consumer groups such as the Utility Reform Network and opposed by Governor Schwarzenegger and the energy industry.

Statewide Numbers on the Props

CA Secretary of State - Statewide Special - State Ballot Measures - Statewide

The Propositions

Once the polls close at 8:00 p.m., we'll be live blogging information here regarding the state ballot measures here. Feel free to add your own comments.
Proposition 73. Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor's Pregnancy -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment)
Should the California Constitution be amended to require notification of the parent or legal guardian of an unemancipated, pregnant minor at least 48 hours before performing an abortion on the minor?

Proposition 74. Public School Teachers. Waiting Period for Permanent Status. Dismissal -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should the probationary period for public school teachers be increased from two to five years, and should the process by which school boards can dismiss a permanent certificated employee be modified?

Proposition 75. Public Employee Union Dues. Restrictions on Political Contributions. Employee Consent Requirement -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should public employee unions be required to obtain annual written consent from each member in order to use a portion of that member's dues for political activity?

Proposition 76. State Spending and School Funding Limits -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment)
Should Californians make major Constitutional changes to create an additional state spending limit, grant the governor substantial new power to unilaterally reduce state spending, and revise key provisions relating to Proposition 98, school and community college funding, and transportation funding authorized by Proposition 42?

Proposition 77. Redistricting. Initiative Constitutional Amendment -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment)
Should the California Constitution be amended to change the process of redistricting California's State Senate, State Assembly, Congressional and Board of Equalization districts, transferring the implementation of redistricting from the Legislature to a panel of three retired judges, selected by legislative leaders?

Proposition 78. Discounts on Prescription Drugs -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should the state adopt a new state drug discount program to reduce the costs of prescription drugs for Californians at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty level?

Proposition 79. Prescription Drug Discounts. State-Negotiated Rebates -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should the state of California create a new prescription drug discount program for residents at or below 400 percent of the federal poverty level, and change state law to make it illegal to engage in profiteering from the sale of prescription drugs?

Proposition 80. Electric Service Providers. Regulation -- State of California (Initiative Statute)
Should the state expand its regulation of the electric industry?

Tune Into Mayor Sam For Election Coverage

Tuesday, November 8th is election day and here at the Mayor Sam Network, we'll be covering all the angles.

Starting tomorrow evening, we'll be live blogging election news and information on all three of our sites.

For information, news and commentary relating to the Council races in CD10 and CD14, LAUSD's Proposition Y bond measure, and other local races throughout LA County, tune into the Sister City at

We'll live blog the results and news surrounding Governor Schwarzenegger's special election and the state ballot measures over at Sam Yorty's America at

And for stats, results of select races, hotlinks, graphics, photos and more, browse on over to MS2 at

Please do feel free to forward any tips, news, gossip, and other items to us. If you have a camera phone and want to send us pictures, we'll take those too. Be a roving correspondent for Mayor Sam! Email all items to

Monday, October 31, 2005

Clinton Still Trying To Score With Young Chicks In DC?

Dubya wants the dad for the Supreme Court, Bubba has his eye (or hand?) on the daughter.

The Alito Family in the Capitol following the nomination of patriarch Samuel to the Supreme Court seat being vacated by Sandra Day O'Connor.

Alito Nomination: Liberal Activist Full Employment Act

President Bush has nominated a red meat conservative to the Superme Court (and one who at least has been a judge and been one for more than a couple of weeks). Let the liberal cash machine go into high gear!

All the usual suspects are shouting out and are ready for more of Babs' checks. Miers was a big wet blanket for the leftists, this guy is a very early Christmas present to the left wing special interest groups looking to balance their books before the year end.

Expect a fight and neither side to give up easy. My prediction is however that barring some proof that Alito has been found with a "dead girl or a live boy" or he's a registered Nazi, he will be confirmed.

It's Alito

President Bush has nominated conservative judge Samuel Alito to replace moderate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Who Set Him Up This Time?

Former Washington, D.C. Mayor and current Councilman Marion Barry has once again run into trouble with the law. On Friday, he plead guilty Friday to two misdemeanor counts stemming from his failure to file tax returns in 2000.

Barry served four terms as mayor. In his third term, he was videotaped in 1990 in a hotel room smoking crack cocaine in an FBI sting. You might remember Barry's eloquent description of the woman seen in the videotape with him in the room, "The goddamn bitch set me up!" The following year, he served a six-month prison sentence.

Amazingly, in 1994, he regained the mayor's office for another four-year term. Voters then sent him to a Council seat last year.

What's the problem with Washington, D.C. voters that they keep re-electing this loser? Are they blind or do they just not care?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Rich, Liberal Kids Inconvenienced by Commander in Chief

The Daily News had a very silly story the other day. Liberal, upscale, latte sipping dumbshits in Brentwood upset because their precious little Jordans, Mallorys and Dakotas didn't get to go see the latest rehash of "The Wizard of Oz."

Why? A visit by President Bush and his motorcade shut down traffic in the area making the buses carrying these precious children to the production, late.
"My poor children - they were so disappointed. They're all so sad. They were inconvenienced by a silly motorcade down Sunset (Boulevard)."
Julie Fahn - Limousine Liberal Mom
There was a time when if the President came to town - whether you voted for him or not - it was a proud moment and you showed him the respect that the OFFICE deserves.
At a Starbucks on San Vicente Boulevard, motorists drank lattes in resignation. "A lot of people were stuck," barista Denise Johnson said. "Traffic wasn't moving. It literally wasn't moving. I heard a few horns honking."
Sadly, our culture has become so damn selfish that this is even a story. You would hope that the parents would teach their children that sometimes shit happens, and you don't always get what you want. Instead, I am sure they are teaching them that its all the Republicans' fault.

Other takes:
Martini Republic
Wylie Post
No More Mister Nice Blog
The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid
Under No Circumstances

When Union Wackos Attack OR Where Did You Go, Jimmy Hoffa?

California Conservatives for Truth is reporting that union leaders, in fear of the passage of Proposition 75 which would give union members the right to decide where their membership dollars will go, held a major rally in LA's Pershing Square that grew quite emotional.

In a report by KCAL 9 in Los Angeles, a supporter of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's reform measures was attacked by union activists, and in fact, her pro-75 sign was ripped up by a security guard who was there to guard the protest, not necessarily participate.

The blog Free Republic also has a report on the woman, Genevieve Peters, who was bold enough to take on the the union thugs.

At what point are these unions, which are doing a pretty good job to pull the wool over their members' eyes, going to be held accountable? I guess the days of Jimmy Hoffa still continue.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Scooter Libby Indicted

WASHINGTON (AP) Vice President Dick Cheney's top adviser, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, indicted on obstruction of justice, false statment and perjury charges.

Cash Sucking LA Unified

The next giant sucking sound you hear is the cash devouring machine that is the Los Angeles Unified School District is now coming back to the trough begging voters to approve Measure Y and another $4 billion in debt, on top of the billions of dollars the district has already borrowed to ostensibly build new schools and fund other "needs."

Come on Mayor Sam - its for the children!

The sad thing is that despite spending increasing and increasing amounts of money each year, the public schools are showing lesser results. Indeed, a major issue in the Mayor's race earlier this year was that over 50% of LAUSD students do not graduate high school.

The Daily News is right when they say that LA Unified does not need more taxpayer financed debt, but a breather.

But more than just bringing a really financially bad idea to the voters, LAUSD may be using the taxpayers' dollars to sell a yes vote on Measure Y.

Just today, I received a mailer from the LAUSD selling the merits of Measure Y. As well, the District's website has extensive info on the measure, but no opposition viewpoints.

While they do not come out and specifically say "Vote for Measure Y," I find these activities inappropriate. Its something that really should be looked into.

And if anything, if the District is going to distribute information about the Measure at taxpayer expense, then they have the moral obligation to inculde opposing views.

But for the district politicians and teacher union leaders who have become addicted to bond money like a junkie to crack, this may seem like a ludicrous idea. Hopefully, the voters will see the truth.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No On Proposition 73

Yes, I am a Republican. Yes I support Governor Schwarzenegger. Yes, I am concerned about abortion and have a hope it would be rare if used at all. But I also believe that sometimes there is a time for government to butt out, and in the case of Proposition 73, this is no place for government to butt in.

Proposition 73 would require minors seeking an abortion to get parental consent. In theory, I have no issue with this. But we don't live in a theoretical world.

So many teenage girls are living in horrific and abusive environments. For whatever reason, they become pregnant and could literally find themsleves dead at the hands of a parent or other family member. Having an abortion could be their only option for survival.

I don't believe abortion is the answer for all teenage pregnancies or even most. But there are a small handful of cases where its a matter of last resort, and life and death. I don't want to leave this decision up to the government.

Below, is a very compelling case against Proposition 73 is made by Dawn Alger, wife of Assembly Candidate Jim Alger. Her personal experience drives home what an ill conceived idea Proposition 73 is. Even if you oppose abortion personally - as I do - please think this one through.

October 5, 2005 - Northridge, CA - In a surprising move earlier today the wife of State Assembly Candidate Jim Alger came out against Proposition 73.

Dubbing it the "Incest Protection Act" Dawn Alger, a sexual assault survivor, railed against the Proposition stating that it forces teens that are already in a bad situation, into a worse one.

"I know what it is like to be a victim of incest" Alger said "When I came forward I was 19 and married. My attacker came after me and anyone who supported me for years. To this day my family continues to pay as a result of that. While I wouldn’t do anything different I had a place to go, what would have happened to me if I was 13 and under his roof?"

"Every parent wants their children talking to them. I have a 13 year old and I want him communicating with me, but it isn't the job of the government to force that communication. It is our job as parents to keep those communication lines open with our children."

Alger said she is coming forward publicly out of a feeling of duty.

"I faced my attacker and although it was difficult and came at a high price, I had the support of my husband. There are many young, scared girls who have the option now of going to a friend, teacher, social worker, or counselor, this Proposition removes all of that support structure and mandates one individual be notified. This removes control from a rape victim who is already struggling to regain control of her life that was lost during the attack. Forcing a victim to ask the very person who may have gotten her pregnant for counsel is not the answer. It just isn't safe."

When asked about the portion of the Proposition that allows a minor to seek a court hearing in lieu of parental notification, she responded doubtfully.

"Forcing a scared teenage girl to go to a court, which is scary in the best of circumstances, won't work. Assuming she gets to court, once she is there she has to prove with "clear and convincing evidence" that she is a victim of abuse. What should she do, bring in a signed confession from the man who raped her? That is just absurd."

"This proposition is nothing more than a group of misguided people attempting to force their will on the most vulnerable of our children, those who have been victimized already. I intend to fight for them." she concluded.

Proposition 73 will be on the Statewide Ballot on November 8th 2005.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Google to Compete with Craig's List?

It looks like Google may be out to create a free form database where users can post everything from cars for sale to rants about how late the bus was. This is not unlike Craig's List which has exploded from a local San Francisco only site to having sites for nearly every major city in the US and around the world.

The New Google Blog (no relation to Google) is reporting that Google plans to roll out "Google Base." This should be interesting.

Whatever Happened To Customer Service?

I guess Burger King doesn't really want to let you "Have it your way." A recent article states the company was making a big push towards allowing customers to customize their sandwiches, but that wasn't my experience this evening. I wanted to get a mushroom and swiss cheese burger, but given that I am not currently eating meat, I wanted it prepared with the vegetarian patty BK offers on another sandwich. "No we CAN NOT do that," I was told by the less than impressive burger clerk. So, I rolled on and wished them a happy day. Burger King lost a sale there.

In another area of customer service, when is there going to be a dry cleaners with reasonable price and good service. For some time I had been using the Drive In Cleaners in Sherman Oaks. In the last three years I have been using them, they've had about three or four owners. For a while, they had been doing right, but know they have new owners. Yup, the price has gone up and the service seems to have slipped. If someone could figure out how to solve the dry cleaning problem, they could make a mint.


BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) The U.S. military has announced the death of an American soldier who was wounded in Iraq, bringing the U.S. death toll to 2,000.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Jay Leno is Wrong

What happens when you're wrong in an accusation of the President on national television?

onegoodmove has footage from last evening's Late Night Show

The raging debate is: Thumb vs. Middle Finger

It is clearly the thumb. He is not flying the bird.

Leno, Your outta here!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pick To Be Announced

President Bush will announce his pick for the Supreme Court, to replace the retiring Sandra Day O'Connor at 6:00 p.m. PDT tonight.

Many are saying the choice is Edith Brown Clement, a 57 year old judge on the United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit. If true, Clement would be the third woman to serve on the Court.

Update: Leading Republicans are saying its not Clement. Possibilities now include Edith Hollan Jones, Cecilia M. Altonaga, Mary Ann Glendon, Karen Williams, Janice Rogers Brown and Priscilla Owen.

Mayor Sam is going to go out on a limb and say its Janice Rogers Brown.

Nope...its John G. Roberts, Jr.
Bio here

Friday, July 15, 2005

Girly Man Arnold

Our Governor has disappointed this old, dead Mayor and has once again given into the toe tag, screaming liberals.

It was reported recently that Arnold had a deal with a few fitness and weightlifting magazines and is paid several million dollars over several years for consulting. This is something Arnold has done for years.

The grand dame of Northern California - Assemblywoman Jackie "I can't get any" Speier - howled and protested claming that Arnold's connections to these magazines colored his view on legislation she wrote in an attempt to regulate nutritional supplement use by high school athletes. Arnold vetoed the bill. Why is it liberal are always trying to get into people's personal lives anyway?

Arnold has dropped his ties to the magazines and will no longer receive compensation.

This was hardly a scandal. Its just more liberal haymaking because Arnold is the most effective threat the Republicans have had to date. They fear him, and they are out to take him down.

More so than any damn magazine Arnold gets paid to consult for, lets be more concerned about the impact of millions of dollars that Assemblywoman Speier takes from unions, doctors, insurance companies, auto body shops, Laidlaw Transit (one of the biggest providers of public transit services in California and recipient of millions in government funds), etc. I find this more troubling than Arnold's magazines.

And further troubling is the thousands of dollars in consulting fees that Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez receives from an employee union organization. Why isn't anyone talking about that?

The bottom line is that most liberals are intellectually dishonest and Arnold and the Republicans must fight back.

Otherwise, he might as well just go back home to Santa Monica and forget the game.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rehnquist hospitalized

Flap the Blogging Denist is reporting that Chief Justice Rehnquist has been hospitalized. For more information, go to Flap's blog here.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Rehnquist to Step Down

JudgeMatt Drudge is reporting that reporter Bob Novak declared on CNN that Chief Justice William Rehnquist will announce retirement today after Bush's plane touches down at Andrews AFB tonight. Stay tuned.

Hat tip to Flap.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

CA Budget Deal - On to November

GovGetting the "small stuff" out of the way for the looming election in November which will make or break our dear Ahnold, da Gov and legislative leaders announced a budget deal today.

The deal includes added money for education and transportation while keeping it balanced.

According to the SF Chronicle:
Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles, said Schwarzenegger had brought Republicans and Democrats together, forcing compromises from both sides.

He described the budget for the 2005-2006 fiscal year as fiscally responsible yet compassionate, protecting the interests of both parties.

The Gov's press release states:

"Together we have reached the best budget agreement California has seen in years, proving again that when we are a unified team we are unstoppable. This budget does not raise taxes or increase borrowing. It provides $3 billion more for our schools, provides $1.3 billion more for crucial transportation projects and invests in both public health and safety," said Governor Schwarzenegger. "This is a budget to put us on the path toward rebuilding California . Now we must work together to reform and repair our broken budget process and break the cycle of budget deficits so that nothing will stand in the way of creating more prosperity and opportunity in California than ever before."

All I have to say is you're both out of here. You're still 5 days late. You still have to actually vote for it, and knowing the drama queens in Sactown we still are going to have to listen to stories about your underwear and posturing for no apparent reason since you don't have to run in competitive seats for the next 8 years. Bah!

Mayor Clinton?

ClintonJerry Brown hints at it, it was the subject of fan fiction, it causes jeers from his old foes and cheers from at least one fan.

Will Bill Clinton run against Republican incumbent Michael Bloomberg for Mayor of his new hometown, New York City?

The primary is in two months and an army of less than stellar Democrats are seeking their party's bid. Could the former President jump in and stir things up? It would be a pundit's dream!

We've heard some buzzing that it's being looked at - particularly in terms of Clinton's recent health issues and Hilary's potential White House run. What better way to not have to putter around the White House as the first First Gentleman and shed himself as baggage for Hilary?

If this is what the Clintons want - expect them to go for it - and for Bubba to have a very good shot to sit atop the Big Apple.

Together Again!

Wally!For a time on KCOP television in Los Angeles, I hosted a television show and had hired an impressive young man to serve as my sidekick. A few years later, he became nearly a household word. You might remember him, his name was Wally George.

As I did, Wally left the material world a few years back, but he's rejoined me here in a new forum, Sam Yorty's America. Expect Wally to begin posting shortly.

We're ready to once again take on the tinhorns of the world! Welcome, Wally!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ridley-Thomas Claims Huge Lead In California 26th Senate Race

Ridley-ThomasIn a poll just completed by The Feldman Group in the 26th Senate District, Assembly Member Mark Ridley-Thomas (D-48) begins his campaign to succeed outgoing State Senator Kevin Murray with a substantial lead over his announced opponent, former state Assembly Member Rod Wright. The poll shows that in a district-wide head-to-head match up, Ridley-Thomas leads Wright by a wide margin:
Assemblyman Mark Ridley-Thomas 44%
Former Assemblyman Rod Wright 13%
Ridley Thomas also maintains an enormous 40% head-to-head lead over Wright in the 48th Assembly District, an area that both candidates have represented(Ridley-Thomas currently holds the seat in the state Assembly that was previously held by Wright) :
Assemblyman Mark Ridley-Thomas 57%
Former Assemblyman Rod Wright 17%
In the 47th Assembly District presently represented by Assembly Majority Whip Karen Bass and previously represented by former State Assembly Speaker Herb Wesson, Ridley-Thomas leads Wright by a 49% to 14% margin.

Ridley-Thomas leads his principal challenger among every ethnic group throughout the diverse 26th Senate District. Ridley-Thomas leads Wright among African Americans 59% to 14% and he leads Wright among Latinos by a margin of 45% to 6%.

In the 26th Senate District’s West LA neighborhoods that have not been represented by either Ridley-Thomas or Wright in the past, Ridley-Thomas leads 19% to 4% among likely voters with a substantial number of those polled remaining undecided at this early stage in the race.

The likely-voting voting profile of the 26th State Senate primary electorate is as follows: 9% African-American; 32% Anglo; 11% Latino; 5% Asian Pacific American.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gonna Fly Now!

RockyRockyNow that Los Angeles has inaugurated a new Mayor, it looks like California's Election 2006 is already underway.

Just yesterday, Los Angeles City Attorney Rockard J. Delgadillo took the oath of office for his second and final term. However, before the last inka-dot was even dry on the votes Rocky got in the city election, he was already planning his next step - running for Attorney General of the State of California. Indeed, he was well underway in his goal of raising $1 million for the statewide race, a goal he achieved just the other day.

Delgadillo is a rising star in the Democratic party and was the first Latino elected to a citywide post in Los Angeles in over 100 years. He grew up in the Highland Park section of northeast Los Angeles, went to Harvard, and even played in the NFL for a while. Many feel that Rocky is part of a new generation of Latino politcians that will achieve even greater power than any of their forebearers.

Before becoming Attorney General however, Rocky has to first get the Democratic nomination and there he faces a controversial but formidable opponent - former California Governor and current Mayor of Oakland, Jerry Brown. Brown for sure has his detractors from his days as "Governor Moonbeam" and fighting Howard Jarvis. But that was a long time ago and Brown has acclompished much as Oakland's Mayor. He still espouses many of his liberal, new age philosophies, but at the same time his experience in Oakland has made him a tough as nails crimefighter.

Others running for the spot include Republians Rod Pacheco and Chuck Poochigian. Most pundits are saying its Brown's race to lose.

Rocky is not known well outside of Los Angeles and the fact that he filed for the office only eight days after winning re-election as City Attorney may not sit well with LA voters. To top it off, looming for Rocky is a potentially embarrassing and messy lawsuit in which a former Assistant City Attorney accuses Delgadillo of allowing top deputies to rig an investigation of a hostile work environment claim within the City Attorney's office.

By the way, even though Rocky already has raised a cool million, we hear the fundraisers continue. The Latino Professionals Network reports that a cocktail reception fundraiser for Rocky, sponsored by various local attorneys, will be held at LA's Jonathan Club on July 13th. Minimum entry is $250 a pop.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Caveman Republicans Need To Go If GOP To Win

CavemanOver on the Sister City, I've posted at least a few times about how the Republican Party continues to spiral into being not only a minority party but an oblivion party in California. I've called for new leadership within the Los Angeles County Republican Party to replace Doug and Linda Boyd who treat the party organization as their own personal pleasure palace, failing to produce any election results and refusing to develop the party as a real alternative for disaffected Democrats.

We know that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in California are now more than ever controlled by the most extreme factions amongst their ranks. While most folks in California think like Arnold, both parties are giving us Jackie Goldbergs and Tony Stricklands.

The opportunity exists for Republicans to capture the votes of disaffected Democrats - Democrats who are not big on taxing and spending, who don't go for racial politics and are visibly concerned about the effects of illegal immigration. However, as long as the GOP continues to serve up the Rotarian du jour middle aged white guy who is on a jihad against gays and Mexicans, those folks are not moving over to the other side of the ballot.

In the 60s, Ronald Reagan - hardly a liberal but nothing akin to the right wing nuts of today - built a Republican party based on limited government, pro-business policies, personal freedom & responsibility and a strong national defense. Indeed, Ronald Reagan was but one of a few Republicans in 1978 to oppose the Briggs Initiative, which sought to ban gays and lesbians from serving as teachers.

To be sure, there are a few moderate Republicans out there who offer some promise. One is Abel Maldonado, the GOP State Senator from Santa Barbara County. He is considered a young rising star. Another is State Assemblyman Keith Richman from the San Fernando Valley. Richman is often referred to as the "Mayor of the San Fernando Valley" because of his first place finish in the Mayor's race during the ill fated 2002 San Fernando Valley secession drive. Richman tells us that "...some of the most conservative members of the California Republican Party work against the mainstream (Republican) candidates best positioned to beat Democrats."

Had the Boyds and others placed a decent local Republican party structure in place, Richman could have potentially made a credible run for Mayor of Los Angeles this year. Instead, Doug Boyd took $30,000 to attempt to deliver Republican votes to James Hahn, who was oh so rightly tossed out on his ass. Richman - a second generation doctor whose father once served on the Los Angeles Community College Board - is making a bid for State Treasurer in 2006.

richman"Some of the most conservative members of the California Republican Party work against the mainstream candidates best positioned to beat Democrats."
Assemblyman Keith Richman

As older, leftist leaning Democrats from the Roosevelt generation begin to die off, Democrats are going to be scrambling to look for new voters. They're looking at getting those votes from immigrants, primarily from Latin countries. However, a real opportunity exists for the GOP to cobble together a strong coaliton of young professionals, libertarian leaners and second, third and fourth generation Hispanics (as well as younger African Americans whose middle class ranks are growing by leaps and bounds) who are beginning to recognize how the Democratic Party has sold them a bill of goods. However, those folks aren't going to come over if the current leadership continues to shoot itself in the foot and nominate unelectable troglodytes.

California AD 53 - Sad News and What's Next

Originally Written by Mayor Frank Shaw for Mayor Sam's Sister City

GordonAssembly District 53 received horrible news on Saturday that their Assemblyman Mike Gordon had passed away from a brain tumor. While we here at the Sister City love to tussle in the weeds, we stayed away from this topic out of respect for the family. As the days go forward however, we will need to start covering the news in his district, as his leadership is already going to be missed and he would have expected no less from us.

On a somber note, according to the Capitol Morning Report, the office of the late Asm. Mike Gordon requests condolence notes be sent to Rm. 2137 in the Capitol or to the district office in El Segundo.

In lieu of flowers, the office says the family suggested three charities:

National Brian Tumor Foundation
22 Battery Street, Suite 612
San Francisco, CA 94111-5520
(800) 934-2873

American Heart Assn. LA Chapter
816 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 291-7000

American Diabetes Assn. LA Chapter
6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 966-2890.

A memorial service is scheduled for July 6 at El Segundo High School and a funeral service follows July 8 in Hollywood Hills.

Contact: Janelle Beland (916) 319-2053.

According to the Capitol Basement Roundup, the election to replace Mike Gordon will likely to be consolidated with the November 8 statewide special election, AP's Steve Lawrence writes that the race to fill the seat will be competitive, but money may be scarce with so many competing issues on the ballot.

AP also scans the field for potential candidates. "The race for Assembly District 53 could attract several candidates. Two Republicans formed campaign committees before Gordon's death to run for the seat next year: Gordon's opponent from 2004, former Redondo Beach Mayor Greg Hill; and Torrance Councilman Paul Nowatka.

Two Democrats also are considering running, Torrance Councilman Ted Lieu and Manhattan Beach Councilman Jim Aldinger."

If no candidate receives 50 percent in the first round of voting, the top vote getter in each party will head to a runoff.

In other Gordon news, the Daily Breeze reports that Gordon filed a lawsuit June 17 that alleges an opportunistic business partner took advantage of his ultimately fatal medical condition to seize control of two companies the pair jointly owned. The lawsuit accuses Treasurer-Secretary Kristen Schwenkmeyer, a longtime business partner and former top state Democratic Party official, of fraud, deceit and mismanagement.

The suit seeks the involuntary dissolution of Gordon & Schwenkmeyer Inc., the well-known political fund-raising company the two have operated together since the mid-1980s.

And for those of you wondering why I'm spending this much time talking about him, here's another timely article in today's Daily Breeze that shows where his involvement and activism touched each and every one of us. His little "pet project" was fighting for the local communities surrounding LAX and Hahn's boondoggle of funds. There isn't anyone involved in this process that hasn't heard from Gordon, and his voiced will be sorely missed.

For the most recent information, El is by far the most up to speed on the comings and goings in AD 53 regarding both the special election and funeral information for the late Assemblyman

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Public Broadcasting Names Republican Head, Escapes Chopping Block

Big BirdJust after shortly naming Bush administration staffer Patricia S. Harrison as its new President and Chief Executive Officer, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting escaped a proposed $100 million congressional budget cut.

So for now, Jim Lehrer, Big Bird and Huell Howser are not out of a job.

It seems to me that the liberal, bris and chablis set who primarily watch PBS could fund it themselves. Liberals always want to tax the rich, why not at least make them pay for their TV. It is true in years past, there wasn't as much of a market for what PBS airs, but in the last decade or so, networks such as the Discovery Channel, Bravo, A&E, etc. have proven there is cash in learning and culture.

PBS creates content that could easily fund its operations. Merchandising alone from Sesame Street is a huge cash cow.

Its time to wean PBS and its video-less cousin NPR off the public teat.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Now I've Seen Everything

Potato ChipsSome liberal group of good for nothing attorneys are on their high horse and demanding the State of California require warning labels for a dangerous product.

Potato chips.

Can you believe it? Some organization called The Environmental Law Foundation says that potato chips carry a chemical that causes cancer. They want the California Attorney General to require these labels on all packages of potato chips.

If the state does not do this, they will sue the potato chip makers to do so. Of course, the chip companies will be forced to pay them a big settlement including legal fees for all these attorneys who can't get jobs elsewhere.

Someone has to put an end to this insanity.

Schwarzenegger Speech Disrupted

socialistsA bunch of yay-hoos - mostly socialist union leaders and not regular folks - showed up to try to disrupt a graduation speech by our Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold was asked to address the graduating students of Santa Monica College, one of his alma maters. Graduates inside the stadium were generally annoyed by the paid protestors sent in by union nurses and teachers who are sorry to see Arnold putting an end to the gravy train.
At times during Schwarzenegger's speech, cheers and boos mingled, and the graduates themselves appeared eager to hear the governor. Many applauded at one point when the noise from the bleachers briefly subsided.
How rude it was for these special interest morons to distract and disrupt what should have been a special day for the graduates. These kids worked hard to get where they are at. They didn't need it turned into a partisan political rally.

People need to know that the folks who protest Arnold are not regular folks showing up with a magic marker and a placard. This is part of a highly organized, well funded anti-Arnold campaign headed up by some of the richest government employee unions in the state. These organizations get their money by forcibly taking it from their members, many of whom are actually Arnold supporters. But they have no choice, state legislators who receive massive contributions from these unions have written laws that give the unions the legal right to take money from their members, and use it on poltical causes without their permission. You should also know that a lot of these protestors are government employees who are engaging in these activities on your dime - that's right - they are on the clock and not at their posts!

By the way, look at the paid protestors in the photo above. One of them has a rude sign about Maria Shriver, the Governor's wife. Not only is it sad and wrong, but ironic given that Maria is a liberal Democrat herself and member of the Kennedy clan.

Its tradition to have elected officials speak at graduation ceremonies. This was not a campaign speech by Arnold. The protestors should he ashamed at themselves for ruining some good kids' special day. Conservatives and other thoughtful people need to speak up and not let paid liberal protestors seize the moment dishonestly.

This article also posted on our sister blog, Mayor Sam's Sister City, read it here for more comments.

In addition to the unions, one of the sponsors of this protest was ANSWER LA, a leftist group that is anti-Israel and pro-Castro. Hardly rank and file folks from the neighborhood. Go figure.