Monday, March 30, 2009

Sam's American Hotsheet for Monday

The CEO of General Motors, Rick Wagoner, has apparently resigned at the request of President Obama. NewsBusters asks a good question "What does it mean if a President can force the resignation of a CEO that still answers to shareholders?"  As this news hits the markets, you can track GM's stock here.The CEO of General Motors, Rick Wagoner, has apparently resigned at the request of President Obama. NewsBusters asks a good question "What does it mean if a President can force the resignation of a CEO that still answers to shareholders?"  As this news hits the markets, you can track GM's stock here.

Saturday I opined about the folly of "Earth Hour" yet another emotional sans reason effort to perpetuate environmental based malarkey.  Though the lights were out at my house (as they usually are while I am blogging) it appears that even though the media declared a major success , it was actually a failure across LA (despite Mayor V showing up for a photo op at LA Live) according to both the LA Times and Daily News Even the lights stayed on at Al Gore's house.  Maybe the media will learn this type of propagandizing is why no one buys newspapers any longer.

As the race for California Governor heats up, Republican candidates plan to run away from and not to Governor Schwarzenegger according to the LA Times. Media strategist Don Sipple tells the paper "People think the Schwarzenegger experience didn't work out so well, and they're going to be looking for something very different."

Joe Biden's daughter was allegedly caught doing coke on a recent videotape.  Though back during the campaign many in the liberalsphere said that going after Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's daughter for getting herself knocked-up was fair game; apparently the sitting Vice President's daughter's drug use is not .

Richard Riordan is a RINO Republican who endorsed Barack Obama and has been a big booster of the Kennedy Republican.  Despite that, the former Mayor is opposing the shady state budget ballot measures going to California voters in May.

This would never happen in LA but in New York a group of hawt women have dressed up in vintage costumes to travel the subways and offer transit information.  However, the New York Transit Authority wants to put the kibosh on the girls' service claiming "copyright infringement." 

Obama Wants to Scan Your Hard Drive

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Any of this sound familiar?

Keith Olbermann Before and After He Was Annoying

Before Keith Olbermann became a liberal blowtard on MSNBC, he was just an annoying sportscaster here on Channel 5 in LA.

Sean Hannity Joins Tea Parties

Sean Hannity will be broadcasting his show "Hannity" live and on-site at the Atlanta, Georgia Tax Day Tea Party. The Tea Party will be held at 9pm EST at the Georgia State Capital. The Tax Day Tea Parties are being held across the country on April 15th to protest the unprecedented wasteful spending by the Obama Administration and certain members in Congress.

National Communications Director Juliana Johnson says, "As we get closer and closer to the Tea Party date we continue to grow stronger. We have over 300 cities planning Tea Parties with that number growing every day. If this doesn't show that Americans are displeased that I don't know what will."

The Tax Day Tea Parties will be occuring in over 300 cities and have an expected turnout of over 150,000 people. The groups sponsoring the Tea Parties are Smart Girl Politics, the DontGo Movement, and Top Conservatives on Twitter. They have the endorsement of Newt Gingrich, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, and numerous other groups.

You can read about the Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party on Sean Hannity's FOXNews blog at:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sam's American Hotsheet

Former President Jimmy Carter has gone off the deep end and apparently feels that the Civil War as "un-Christian." In a new book about the writings of Abraham Lincoln Carter comments on a comment by the 16th President that he was on a mission from God to end slavery by saying Abe's words were "very troubling" and "that that the leaders of both sides, overwhelmingly Christian, were violating a basic premise of their belief as followers of the Prince of Peace."

Flap the Blogging Sadist I mean Dentist has a Meghan McCain obsession.  I don't blame him because she's smart and very sexy but this isn't way you impress a girl, Doc.  Even when she's right Flap has to hate on Meghan and point out her age.  That might be because Flap is like three times Meghan's age.  Flap, I think there's a molar calling you.

Catholics are expressing concern over Notre Dame University's invitation to President Obama to speak at their commencement following his recent decision to fund stem cell research.  Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt says at this blog, "Imagine the reaction if the National Right to Life Committee were to invite President Obama to receive its leadership award.  By contrast, imagine if the ACLU were to invite Secretary Rumsfeld to receive its leadership award."

And finally, apparently it isn't just Senator Larry Craig who allegedly likes bathroom sex.  The Daily Telegraph reports that Britney Spears reportedly had a seven to nine minute tryst with one of her dancers in a john following a concert, while burly security guards were posted outside.  Uh oh, don't let Daddy Spears know!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama Channels George Bush

 Nicole Wallace writing at the Daily Beast makes a good point .  President Obama's defense of beleagured Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is not unlike President Bush's backslap of failed FEMA Chief Michael Brown right after Katrina.

Though Wallace assesses Geithner's performance so far by saying "The problem for Obama isn’t Geithner’s lack of popularity—it’s his lack of success. So far, he hasn’t done anything that has inspired confidence in the financial markets. So far, he hasn’t made any public appearances that have inspired confidence in the public. And so far, he has failed to form a productive or even functional relationship with Republicans or Democrats in Congress," the President says he wouldn't accepted the Secretary's resignation if he offered it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gays and the GOP

Gay Patriot blogs a good take on Gays and the GOP. "I don’t think the Republican Party need develop a gay-specific outreach plan. I simply believe the party should abandon policies which discriminate against gay people and otherwise leave us alone to live our lives as we please," says the right leaning blogger. He's absolutely right. If folks like Pat Roberston, Rush Blowtard and Ann Coulter could unpoke their noses from the bedroom, the Repugs might pick up a few votes. As a conservative I am far more concerned about tax cuts than anal sex. So should be the wingnuts.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Meghan McCain Hater Flap Can Kiss MY Fat Ass

"You know the difference between a dentist and a sadist don't you? Newer magazines."
-Jerry Seinfeld

Dr. Flap is at it again. No better than the shrewtastic Laura Ingraham decided the only way she could debate Meghan McCain's views on what the Republican Party needs to do by calling McCain "fat," our favorite blogging dentist can only do as well to call her a "moron."

Here's the rub. Flap must be breathing in too much of the twilight sleep gas. Meghan McCain is an intelligent writer who clearly makes the case why the Republicans must make radical changes to bring in young people, moderates, libertarian leaners and disaffected Democrats. The problem is old farts like Flap and bitter women like Ingraham just don't get it. And they are so at the peril of the party.

Kiss my fat ass Flap! (With all due respect because most of the time you're right but this time you're acting like a Mayor Sam dum dum.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Republican Dentist Slams Meghan McCain

My old friend Flap the blogging Republican dentist doesn't get why Meghan McCain is calling on the Republican Party to change its old ways and have a shot at being relevant to anyone under 50.

Meghan has emerged as a thoughtful, elouquent spokesperson for the conservative movement that is based in her Arizona DNA, a state that gave us Barry Goldwater and of course, her dad. Meghan is far more effective at spreading the Republican message to others as opposed to hateful shrews like Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin or past their time blowhards like Rush Limbaugh.  There certainly is a place for humor, wry wit and sarcasm of a conservative bent - Tammy Bruce, Dennis Miller, Doug McIntyre and John Phillips do it well.  But it can be done without the often racially charged and homophobic rhetoric of the previously mentioned shrews and blowhard.

Dr. Flap says that Meghan appears uneducated (not true, she went to an elite prep school and Columbia University) and that she "expresses a generational angst and frustration but to think she is any future voice of the Republican Party is to fail to consider the source."  Hello, McFly? Doc, don't ya think that the best person to ask how to get young people to the Republican party is a young person? Or would you suggest we ask Pat Boone?

The Republicans are not going to get ahead hating on the gays, bitching about the Mexicans and telling the Jews they must be "perfected." It's not going to draw disaffected Democrats, moderates, Libertarians and other to the GOP to have Rush Limbaugh quoting Obama in a voice imitating Amos and Andy.  That schtick went out with Nixon.  We have to focus on core Republican values of lower taxes, less government, strong national defense, personal responibility and individual freedom.  With many Democrats around the country embroiled in scandals and shadiness, the Republicans could become the party of reform.  But first we have to rebrand and drop the Phyliss Schafly act.  Otherwise the party will continue to lose good conservatives such as this burro who recently dropped his GOP voter reg.

Addendum: Add to the shrew list Ann Coulter wannabe Laura Ingraham.  Following the modus operandi of a Mayor Sam reader who can't debate the issues but throw personal insults Ingraham calls Meghan fat.  That's great - a middle aged, left at the altar twice harpie calls a 24 year old woman fat.  Great work! Way to represent!