Friday, December 10, 2004

Kerik Withdraws From Homeland Security

Citing various issues in his background check including questions about the immigration status of a nanny he employed and his financial interest in a company that did business with the Department of Homeland Security, Former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik has withdrawn his appointment by President Bush as the new Secretary of Homeland Security.

Sounds like a good move considering the circumstances. For those of familiar with James K. Hahn, Mayor of my hometown of Los Angeles, he would never do something this correct when potential scandal hits.

You can read more about Hahn here at my other blog, The Sister City.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

President Edwards?

Conventional wisdom has it that John Edwards has no chance to get the 2008 Democratic nomination.

This seems to make sense considering how seemingly little Edwards contributed to Kerry's chances to win.

However, some interesting points here on how Edwards could become the leading anti-Hillary candidate and even possibly capture the White House.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Hurricane Arianna

Arianna Huffington is back again, huffing and puffing that Clintonista Kerry campaign staffers sunk the campaign.
Carville and his fellow architects of the Democratic defeat have spent the last week defending their campaign strategy
Arianna's take was that Kerry could have nailed Bush on terrorism and the war in Iraq, while Carville, Lockhart et al were re-running the 1992 campaign and the "its the economy, stupid" mantra.

In the meantime, Hillary continues to audition for 2008.

One wonders if Arianna intends to take over for Nader as the leftist spoiler in 2008?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Game Plan for Hillary

Yes indeed, Hilary is getting ready for a run in 2008. Part of that is a need to shed her liberal image, which as this article notes is somewhat an exaggeration given her record. Next step is to install a friendly face such as former Clinton White House aide Harold Ickes as the head of the DNC. However, she will have to vanquish the notion that John Kerry has that he could come back for a second try at the nomination, as well even the idea that a Senator only four years into his first term - Barack Obama - could jump in at the chance of being America's first African American President. She probably shouldn't worry too much about John Edwards' claim as heir apparent - he has about as much of a shot as Kerry at getting the nomination.

As the lunacy lingers, our final dispatch comes from none other that former Clintonista and now Clinton hater Dick Morris. He envisions a Hilary vs. Condoleeza race in 2008 which presents some interesting possibilities.

To those who have poo pooed the idea that Hillary could win the White House, I have pointed to the millions of Oprah watching "desperate" housewives, spurned women and others who love Hillary. All she has to do is go on Oprah, The View, etc. and make her pitch. However, with Condoleeza in the race - as an African American woman - all those bets could be off.

Oh here we go...

I know you don't want to hear it. You can't face one more hung chad. But I don't have a choice. As a journalist examining that messy sausage called American democracy, it's my job to tell you who got the most votes in the deciding states. Tuesday, in Ohio and New Mexico, it was John Kerry
You knew it had to happen didn't you? The libs are already spouting their conspiracy theories that John Kerry won both Ohio and New Mexico, effectively giving him the Presidency. Greg Palast, an "investigative reporter" and left wing kook claims that provisional and spoiled ballots secretly trashed by the Republicans hold the key to the Kerry Administration. You can read his rantings here.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Who Leads The Democrats?

Day two after the crash and burn and you can already see the battle underway for the heart and soul of the Democratic party.

Of course the battle will be whether or not to take the party rightward to the center or go even further to the left.

The Deaniacs are not going to go slowly as this post in BlueOregon shows. Indeed, some of his fans are suggesting the Good Doctor himself for the party chairmanship.

At the same time, pundits and Democratic politicians alike are all over the map on where to steer the party, which probably hasn't been able to achieve what the Republicans have in definining a clear message.

I can relate to this. I ran for the Democratic nomination for President in 1972, because I saw that with candidates like George McGovern and later Jimmy Carter, I saw our party going away from our pro-middle class, anti-communist, pro-strong defense position that was a winner in the past.

Since then, we have won only three Presidential elections. Carter, in the aftermath of Watergate and the pubilc's disappointment in Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton - the most masterful politician of our time - who benefited from poor opponents and a popular third party candidate to take votes from the opposition.

There has not been a decisive Democratic victory since Lyndon Johnson, some forty years ago.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Let The Games Begin

The confetti hadn't even been swept up from the Bush re-election victory rally when the posturing had already begun for 2008.

Indeed, Hillary's people had already jumped on Edwards for nearly declaring his candidacy.

Didn't he understand with the lights out on Kerry now, its Hillary's turn?