Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tom McClintock Needs Your Help in Congressional Race

Help Counter My Opponent's Ad Blitz

First, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the tremendous outpouring of support and generosity that you have shown me as we began this Congressional campaign. I am genuinely honored to have you by my side in this battle.

As I write this, my millionaire liberal opponent has begun pouring money into the advertising blitz that he threatened to unleash if I dared to oppose him. In the last week alone, he has pumped over $300,000 into TV, radio and print ads to slow our momentum. We enjoy a large lead in the polls, but it is imperative that we be able to counter him in order to preserve our advantage.

Some people can write personal checks to cover their campaigns. Others can call on the liberal labor union bosses or ultra-liberal organizations to help them finance their efforts. I don't fall in either of these categories. My support comes from individuals like you who believe in the principles we share. Without you, I have no campaign.

Will you help us preserve our lead in the polls and counter my opponent's ad blitz? Your urgently-needed contribution will give us the resources to ensure that our momentum is sustained. Federal law limits contributions to $2,300 per individual. You may contribute securely on our website or mail a check to:

McClintock for Congress
c/o Igor Birman
1029 K Street, Suite 44
Sacramento CA 95814

Thank you again for standing with me in this fight.


Tom McClintock

Tom McClintock

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