Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Latinos Upset Solis Dumped by Clinton

A leading Hispanic Democratic leader is fuming mad that Hillary Clinton has replaced her previous campaign manager, Patti Solis, with longtime advisor Maggie Williams, who happens to be African American.

In an email blast to Democratic party members, Steven Ybarra head of the voting rights committee of the Democratic National Committee Hispanic Caucus and a "super" delegate from California had the following warning for the Clinton campaign:

"Apparently, loyalty is not a two-way street," he wrote. "Latino superdelegates like myself . . . will have cause to pause."

Ybarra told reporters that Clinton's termination of Solis, whose parents were Mexican immigrants, was "dumb as a stump."

This is in the wake of a series of Clinton losses in primaries and caucuses and her campaign pinning its strategy on winning delegate rich Texas in March, with the help of Latino voters. To this end, the campaign has sent longtime Villaraigosa flack and former Sister City blogger Michael Trujillo to handle the ground war in Tejas.