Friday, May 30, 2008

Assembly Votes Jobs Out of California

The California State Assembly has passed yet another jobs killing initiative - mandatory sick leave for all employees. The Assembly doesn't get that it's good business for employers who want top employees to offer these and other benefits. Some of the top employers in the state such as Google, Mrs. Gooch and others offer fantastic benefits voluntarily and find they huge numbers of potential employees lining up to apply for open positions. Therefore, they get to pick the cream of the crop. At the same some really small businesses often can't afford to offer these benefits and will either close down or move out of the state or country. Get ready to watch unemployment go up!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Clerks Should Perform Gay Marriages

Following the Supreme Court's ruling that allows same-sex marriages in California, a number of county clerks are balking at performing the marriages or issuing licenses based on their political and/or religious beliefs.

While I can respect the individual views of these individuals and their right to have them, government employees are duty bound to follow the law and to treat all citizens equally. As of now, same-sex marriage is the law. If there are government employees or officials who can not enforce the law then they need to either find a new job or transfer to a position that would not put them in a role where they would be required to perform the marriages.

This is somewhat akin to public college or school officials who want to ban military recruiters from coming on campus. However the law states that schools that receive federal funds must allow the recruiters on campus. If the people who work on the campuses don't agree with that, they need to find another job.

When government employees begin to think they have the authority to shirk the law, we're in trouble.

Blumenfield/Berman: "Beyond the Envelope"

The controversy continues for Assembly candidate Bob Blumenfield as the issue of a questionable independent expenditure committee set up by his father Michael Blumenfield and employer Congressman Howard Berman.

Linda Sutton, a writer and active supporter of Blumenfield opponent Laurette Healey said "Of course, we have to really IMAGINE that there is no coordination between the campaign and the father across the street and the employer of 18 years. This IS a stretch, but, hey, can we really IMAGINE THIS???"
"the actions of the Blumenfields go far beyond the envelope as it is usually interpreted"
The Sister City had the opportunity to speak with a veteran of several campaigns who knows a thing or two about campaign finance law. Our source told us that "the actions of the Blumenfields go far beyond the envelope as it is usually interpreted. On just about every campaign where it has been an issue, the rules on coordination have been applied to mean that you can barely even have a social conversation with anyone affiliated with an IE. If one Blumenfield said to the other something as simple as 'We aren't getting much support east of the 405', that could be a violation. And if the parents were canvassing, they certainly know where the campaign is investing time and resources."

Is the District Attorney investigating?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ERS News Alert: The “Scud Stud” Goes to War with “Charlie Wilson’s War”

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Duck and Cover: Incoming!
by Edward Headington

Canadian journalist, turned politician -- turned journalist again, Arthur Kent has a new lawsuit pending against the filmmakers of the recent Hollywood film “Charlie Wilson’s War”. The 2007 film, which did less than blockbuster box office (although a respectable 66 million was nothing to dismiss) grabbed mixed reviews. The movie stars Tom Hanks, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Julia Roberts. The story follows the exploits of a U.S. Congressman from Texas who helped facilitate the CIA and the U.S. support for the Afghan “mujahedeen” fighters who ultimately drove the former Soviet Union’s Red Army from Afghanistan. According to the film’s PR it’s “based on an unbelievable true story”. Mr. Kent begs to differ.

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VICA's Useless Mission

It's not a surprise that the Valley Industry and Commerce Association is opposing Proposition 98 though the measure has a very free market mission in preventing local government from taking private property to give to developers. VICA's leadership is rife with developers and other business interests who really are more in favor of a cozy relationship with government than the free market.

In terms of advancing the true business needs of the Valley, it's quite a useless organization. VICA has been around for nearly 60 years and during that time the Valley has degenerated from a vibrant, growing community to a near third world nation. Contrast it's fortunes with that of other nearby regions such as Santa Clarita or Orange County and you'll see how the lack of leadership and vision has really hurt the Valley.

And of course VICA is run by Brendan Huffman, husband of LAUSD School Board member Tamar Galatzan. Brendan, a big time supporter of the Home Depot in Sunland-Tujunga is said to have never met a developer he didn't like.

Teenage Voting?

This has got to be the most ridiculous idea to come before the Council in I don't know how long. Clowncilman Richard Alarcon has got unanimous support from the Council to support Assembly Bill 1819 which would allow 16 and 17 year olds to "pre-register and vote." This is something that will lead to more voter fraud but will add to the bureaucracy to make it happen. The idea is to get young people more involved but the logic is lost on me. What's next? Allowing teens to pre-register for their first kegger or their first age of consent sex?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Nanny State Marches On

Another victory for the nanny state as the California State Senate passes SB 1420 requiring fast food restaurants to post nutritional information for all items on their menus.

Though studies show that posting this information could cut down on obesity and I'm all for the restaurants providing this information (many do already on a voluntary basis) once again I have to ask do we need government to take care of us?

Oh - and by the way this bill isn't from the usual nanny source of course but Senator Alex Padilla.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Obama Website Lifted?

David Markland busts the County Supervisor campaign of Bernard Parks. It appears that the Parks campaign may have lifted the template from Barack Obama's campaign website for it's own.